Our story begins on a Spring Afternoon in the year 2012 ...

In the middle of a lovely session of procrastination during a Further Maths lesson, I had somewhat of an epiphany - I felt instead of just making my robots, it wouldn’t be that much of a bad idea to perhaps show them off online. Granted they’re far from being professional products but hey, why not.

Hence the birth of Kaizoku Robots. *Yay!*

Kaizoku Robots (translating to Pirate Robots with ‘Kaizoku’ being the Japanese word for ‘Pirate’) was essentially just a gallery of my robotic projects I had been working on (both complete and incomplete) and a development blog with most of the stages in between. As for the actual origin/idea of the name itself, it’s a bit of a long and irrelevant story so yeah, “yar har” and I think I’ll leave the rest for a rainy day. *wink*

Anyways, this cycle continued on for about 1½ years although unfortunately, due to many complications along the way, a fair few of the projects were left either incomplete or never advanced past the basic design stages. In the second half of August, I decided to take some time out to re-evaluate where I would be heading in regards to this and although I do sincerely intend to return and complete all the unfinished projects, I feel that now isn’t the best time.

Was that the end of the Kaizoku Robots Empire? Hardly. I’m wasn’t beaten just yet. ^___^

Cue the “reboot” ...

For some weird reason, I kept trying to give it a company aura which, looking back on it now, was incredibly foolish. So here comes Kaizoku Robots Mark II - a more casual, do anything you want kinda ideology. I’m planning on releasing a lot more files this time around for my new projects (once they’ve been verified to work of course) so you guys out there can give something a go if you’d like. :)

So yes, I’ll be updating the site as often as I can with my projects that I’m working on or pretty much anything of productive relevance. I also intend to start uploading design files of my new projects once I’ve ‘put them through the ringer’ to verify they contain no mistakes as well as making sure the final product actually works as intended.

As for me as a person; let’s just say that I’m planning World Domination - ‘nuff said for the time being.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy browsing the site!


Special Thanks to Jonathan Russell Photography for the fabulous Final Product Photographs of NEXUS (V.5 and V.6).

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