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A collection of all my old projects (both complete and incomplete) from the days of Kaizoku Robots Mark I. This section consists purely of my Robots as they were the main things I was working on at that moment in time and any newer (or rebooted) projects can be viewed in either the Projects page or in detailed development stages in the current Blog.

There were also a few projects which didn’t get past the basic design stage (rough sketches, etc.) so I decided not to include them as I don’t feel they really count as actual projects if that makes any sense - you can however find them by browsing through the Archived Blog or the Picasa Web Albums.

All of the robots have a basic spec. listed in their independent sections underlining mass, frame material(s), etc. however if there’s something in particular you’d like to ask, I’ll try my best to answer.

Also, I should point out that I’m no photographer so with the exception of NEXUS, the rest of the photos were taken by yours truly - I’ve made them as clear as possible but I wouldn’t expect anything majorly fancy. ^___^

The development blog used for the previous projects I used to work on (both Robotics and bit a of Electronics). This section contains entries from when the original Kaizoku Robots was first set up (around March/April 2012 ) to the last updates I made on my most recent Robotic project (before the new Kaizoku Robots) - Absolute Zero.

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Red Nova - The Flying Hexapod