Danger, Explosions, Violence.

If you’re looking for those things, you might want to check next door since we’re fresh out, however if you don’t mind a surplus of doodles and robots all mixed together in a pretty random website, then stick around, you might enjoy yourself.

Hello and Welcome to Kaizoku Robots - my apologies for the belated introduction, I’m AKdaBAOUS, a wannabe designer of things robotic, futuristic and with blinky LEDs and the kind of person who ... um, well ... does pretty much what they want most of the time (yeah, you heard me, total badass right here *badass facial expression*) - nice to meet you.

I hope you enjoy having a look around my website and if you’d to like to ask a question or even just say “Hello!”, feel free to drop me a comment in either the blog or via the contact form!

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!


Kaizoku Robots
“Doing what we enjoy”